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City police website, ahmedabadcitypolice.org, will soon carry information about missing children, unidentified bodies and absconding criminals.

Now when the police urge residents to ‘click it’, they might not be talking of seatbelt safety. With the recent launch of police department’s new website, ahmedabadcitypolice. org, Amdavadis can access a wealth of information with the click of a mouse. The website, launched on September 17 in the presence of DGP Chittranjan Singh and Police Commissioner S K Saikia, is designed to bridge communication gap between police and public.

The site will mention telephone numbers of all police officers in the city. It will also have details of every police station and its jurisdiction

The website will carry details about each police station. “The site will mention the telephone numbers of all police officers in the city. It will have details of every police station and the jurisdiction it covers. Usually, people have to go from one police station to another because they do not know under which legal territory the crime was committed. The website will make it easier for them to figure this out,” said DCP (Zone-IV) Neeraj Badgujar, who worked with developer Abhijit Dave and PSI Chandana to get this site running.

The website is in Gujarati as well as English. “A person can file an application anonymously, seeking investigation into a crime. A team in Police Commissionerate will check the applications and pass it on to the police station under whose jurisdiction it would fall.” Amdavadis will be able to download application forms like those used for passport verification. “The applicant can check verification status online,” Badgujar said.

“The website contains a list of prohibited items including liquor, drugs, medical drugs. If a foreigner wants a liquor permit, the site has information on the documents he will have to provide as well as the place from where he can obtain the permit. This will prevent him from being cheated,” said the DCP.


Within a month, the website will also have details of missing children, unidentified bodies and absconding criminals. “We will put up names, photograph and address of missing children. Information regarding where and when s/he went missing. If any Amdavadi finds a child, he can check the website for information. He can also report about the child so that cops can attend to the matter,” said Badgujar.

Cops will also upload details of bodies found in the city, which hospital it was taken to and how it was disposed of. The website will also have a rogue’s gallery where photographs of most wanted accused in all stations will be uploaded. “It’s going to give us a much broader audience of people with potential information about those we’re looking for.”

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