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Evicted Dad gets his house back.

Ahmedabad : Six months ago,Jayanti Modi, 60, was evicted from his house by his son. His daughterin-law filed a dowry harassment complaint against the old man to bully him into transferring ownership of the house to the couples name. The police, however, came to the shattered old mans rescue.

On Wednesday, Modi smiled for the first time in months when the cops broke open lock and restored the property to him. The police also reported to the court that dowry harassment complaint against Modi was false and filed only to pressurize the old man into signing on the dotted line.
After unparalleled stress and emotional and mental agony, I feel peace in retruing to the house I had bought five years back, said Modi, who suffers from kidney and heart ailments. Modi says that all his life he had feared the men in khaki.

My son and daughter-in-law filed a complaint to scare me. When I spent a day with the policemen after the dowry complaint, I was scared of what had befallen me in my old age. Ironically,the police turned out to be my saviours, said Modi, who personally went to thank Joint Commissioner of Police (Sector-I ) Ajay Tomar for expediting his case.

Modis story began in Naroda 40 years ago where he used to work in the power looms and lived in a modest one-room apartment. After his wife died, he married off his son and daughter. Soon after the son was married,he and his wife began pestering Modi to transfer legal ownership of the property to their names. Modi tried to reason with them, but to no avail.

To end this problem, Modi left his home and began living in rented accommodation at Rakhial. Meanwhile, to help his son get a viable livelihood, Modi withdrew some of his retirement money and bought him an autorickshaw.

Even this failed to resolve the dispute. On May 14, Naroda police marched to Modi’s house. He was taken aback when the cops told him that his daughter-in-law had filed a complaint against him.

Shocked, Modi suffered a heart attack and was admitted to Shardaben Hospital. A week after being discharged,Modi approached Naroda police but was arrested. After his release on bail,Modi met his son to talk things over and was told that the complaint would be withdrawn only if he handed over the house.
Modi then turned to Jeevan Sandhya where the trustees sought intervention from the police. A trustee, Farsu Kakkad says, If the cops stand by the elderly, exploitation of the old will end.